December 2022: 2022 in Pages” (Annual Booklist)

December 2021: “Books of the Year That Was, 2021 ed.” (Annual Booklist)

January 2021: The Roots of Memory (Reflections on a re-read of Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow)

December 2020:Books of 2020” (Annual booklist).

December 2019: “Books of the Year that Was, 2019 ed.” (Annual booklist)

June 2019: A View from the End of the World” (Chris Arnade’s Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back-Row America)

February 2019: “The Color of Compromise” (Title book by Jemar Tisby)

December 2018: 2018 Reads & Recommendations” (Annual booklist)

December 2018:A Day Late and [Several] Dollar(s) Short IV: Back to the Future” (collected movie reviews)

July 2018: A Day Late and [Several] Dollar(s) Short III: Newborn Edition” (Recent-ish movie reviews)

December 2017: 2017 in Pages” (Annual booklist)

October 2017: Vide Bellum: A Vietnam Reflection” (Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War)

April 2017: A Day Late and [Several] Dollar(s) Short II: Awards Edition” (2016 Oscar-nominated films)

March 2017: Considering Our Options: Reviewing Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option” (Title book)

December 2016: Books of the Year that Ways, 2016 ed.” (My 2016 Reading)

September 2016: “Percy’s Love in the Ruins, a Dystopia for Our Time” (scholarly analysis of Percy’s 1971 Novel)

March 2016: “Goin’ Coen” (Hail, Caesar! and Bridge of Spies)

January 2016: “The Revelation of Literature” (Eugene Vodolazkin’s Laurus)

January 2016: “Books of the Year that Was” (My 2015 Reading)

July 2015: “How Dante Can Save Your Life” (Title book by Rod Dreher)

May 2015: “A Day Late and [Several] Dollar(s) Short” (2014 in Film)

April 2015: “Martin and Me” (Luther on the Christian Life by Carl R. Truman)

February 2015: “Theology and Story: Marilynne Robinson” (Gilead Trilogy)