I don’t have a “style” for my work in any marketable sense. I write what comes to mind, and hope that it is a blessing to someone, somewhere.

Occasionally, what comes to mind comes out in meter—or not.

July 2019
Crisis (Partially rhymed Pentameter)

Santa Barbara Channel, Ten A.M.” (Blank Pentameter)

May 2019
Unripe” (Blank Trimeter)

April 2019
With Fear and Great Joy (Pentameter w/mixed refrain).

A Sure Thing” (Free verse)

March 2019
Thirty-Five (In the style of Mary Oliver)

January 2019
Unpack That” (Blank pentameter)

September 2018
(Blank tetrameter)

August 2018
August, or Walking through the Field Before Work (Unrhymed couplets)

June 2018
Before the Dissolving
 (Blank trimeter)

April 2018
Classics Revisited: Literary Limericks” (Limerick)

March 2018
Psalm 52.5” (After the style of translated Hebrew)

February 2018
Farming” (Leonine verse)

November 2017
Notes from Un-Sovereignty

September 2017
Qualm Before the Storm (Classical Ode)

July 2017
Game Theory (Sestina)

February 2017
Tempo Poco a Poco” (Ghazal)

November 2016
Thrones and Dominions” (Antiphonal octameter/hexameter)

Cultural Appropriation” (Sonnet)

October 2016
King of Zion” (Sonnet, following Shelley’s “Ozymandias”)

August 2016
Epigrammar” (A collection of epigrams)

August 2016
About a Drought” (Rubaiyat)

July 2016
A Prayer from Paralysis” (Blank pentameter)

May 2016
Chocolate Memories” (English Ode)

March 2016
Deleted Scene: Brutus Bemoans” (Doggerel)

February 2016
A Jurist’s Prudence” (Ode/Elegy)

January 2016
On the Stump: Ode to 2016” (Common meter)

December 2015
Sales Mentality” (Terza rima)

September 2015
Gimmericks” (A Collection of Limericks)

August 2015
Canticum Vitae” (Ghazal)

June 2015
Monday Madness” (A Collection of Haiku)

Morning Motivation” (Villanelle)

April 2015
Ode to Pollen” (Loose rhyme)

March 2015
θεόπνευστος” (Sonnet)

In Praise of Ice” (Free verse)