Justin headshot-2019Yankees go to therapy. Southerners write (and maybe also go to therapy).

At least that’s the story I’ll stick to here. This is a personal blog to explore ideas, raise questions, and practice creative work. When I produce work for others, I link to it here.

Beyond that, this is all you really need to know:

My name is Justin Lonas. I live in Chattanooga, Tenn., with my wife and four daughters.

As an editor by temperament and training, I enjoy faithfully critiquing others who are working in culture-making, and welcome such criticism in return.

Also, I enjoy photography, so most of the pictures you see on the site (with the exception of book covers and classical works of art) are original works.

By day, I’m employed at a non-profit Church-equipping organization, so the Church and our response to social, political, and cultural issues features prominently in much of what you’ll see on the blog. I’m also trying to faithfully serve our local church, be involved in our community where we can, and work on a M. Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary.

As a serial entrepreneur of non-remunerative enterprises, I’m also game to talk about freelancing, starting book clubs, writers’ groups, undersupported ministry endeavors, and community initiatives.

I am a lifelong Southerner (born and raised in Georgia, and spent 8 years in the North Carolina mountains before moving to Tennessee for college and beyond), though I am a regionalist heretic who loves unsweet tea. Much as I like coming home to the South, I love to travel too.

I’m sure I could put a few more details, but that’s all the pertinent stuff. My hobbies, favorite Rachmaninoff pieces (or Waylon Jennings songs), and recipes (well, some of those might show up on the blog from time to time) probably don’t matter too much to most people, but I’ll be happy to talk your ear off at any time if you ask.


3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hello Justin,
    I came across your writing when I was looking for a net image to go with my poem titled “Deportation”. I viewed the page where the image came from and read your work. It is practical, true (biblical), relevant, and inspiring. I will be following you on twitter so keep writing. The world today needs to here the Truth.


  3. Thank you for your beautiful writings. I was looking up the phrase ‘God who rules all the earth’ on my browser to send to a friend, when your piece on irises came up. No accidents with God, each click is thoughtfully and lovingly directed, by the same genius that guides the flowers to bloom.

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