Chocolate Memories

To bring a solid thing to a rolling boil works
Unspoken magic atop the stove. Combining
Butter, sugar, cocoa, oats, vanilla, milk irks
Some with its simplicity, but births such shining
Chocolate gibbosity that even gourmands
Cannot help themselves from begging for a second.
No proper name for such delectability;
“Sludge” we called it, homage to its amorphous glands,
A foul word would disguise tasty heights, we reckoned.
Childhood on wax paper is pure gentility.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Memories

  1. Now I’m hungry for chocolate and its not even close to noon. Thank you for the lovely poem! 🙂

  2. Ahh “Sludge” what chocolate memories it conjures. But what of “Dust”? It is not shiny, but even it is redeemed atop some vanilla bean ice cream. Uncle Bob should be proud of inspiring you, since most of
    your childhood memories of him include this homemade goodness.

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